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Performance and Participation

Performances: Bem-vindo
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Performed in the anual Performance event Verbo at the Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo.

"Take/lightweight" Rectangular structure (220x160x32cm) movable with participatory proposition. A shirt sleeve, a trouser leg, and a hood of a camouflage military uniform are affixed in this structure. The proposition allows visitors to insert parts of their bodies into the fragments of clothing attached to the panel, being partially or entirely naked.
The rectangle is accompanied by the sound of a military parade that is triggered when the structure starts to move. The uniform pieces were screwed into the structure so that the participant could insert parts of his body into them and move with the panel. In this straightjacket, dragging this white geometric rectangle demands great physical effort. The voluntary insertion of the participant's body in the garments of this strange parade causes doubts - is it a body that is camouflaged or it is a body that reveals itself?

Performances: Vídeo


Performed in the Cardeal Arcoverde Street, Pinheiros.

A Mobile wooden structure on wheels with a cut-out image of the monument "Homenagem as Bandeiras" settled in São Paulo, SP. The title is about the popular nickname of the statue, related to the effort of the figures to push a boat with the help of horses. Here the push receives a decolonial sense once the structure is pushed in the opposite direction. The mobile structure is fragile and one can see the images of the horses only on one side showing the heroic narrative as a montage.

Performances: Vídeo


Presented at the Galeria de Arte e Pesquisa, GAP, Vitória , ES. A collaborative project between the Espirito Santo Federal University and the Alanus University of Arts and Social Science, Germany.

Participatory environment.  Composed of a a printed proposition; two supports with necklaces and pendants in the form of black vans from the Coroner's office (Instituto Médico Legal) and white armored bank cars;  space for taking photos of the public participating in the artistic proposition that could choose the colar to wear: black or white.
This project was part of the group exhibition Frágil Fina Pele da Civilização/ Fragile, Thin  Skin of Civilization. The theme of the exhibition was the police strike in the state of Espirito Santo, in February 2017, when the homicide rate of black young people jumped to199 death in 10 days.

Performances: Vídeo
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2015 - 2019
Performance Lecture presented at the Art Museum of the Espirito Santo Federal University, Vitoria, ES and at the annual Performance event Verbo, at the Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo and at  the Instituto Chão, São Luiz, MA.

The lecture is about the relationship between performance and participation - an attempt to identify elements of synthesis between these practices. Poetics of varied artists are demonstrated, in addition to the process of self-promotion of the speaker/artist. The action is a game about power, the place of speech, the sound and possible gaps among them.

Performances: Vídeo


2011 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017
Performed in the Ybakatu Art Gallery during the Brazilian Collective Art Week exhibition of Federação da Indústria do Estado do Paraná (FIEP) in Curitiba, PR and at the Espirito Santo Federal University, Vitoria.

The Delicatessen + 00 participative project promotes the creation of plaster forms produced from the “empty” space of the packaging of sweets purchased and brought by the participantes with their purchase receipt. The project deals with the value of the void and the relationship between the gross and the net quantity of packaging. Through a calculation performed with the value of the product presented, a new value is assigned and stamped on the receipt of the product brought by the participant. The participant is induced to profit from the emptiness of the packaging and takes home the form produced by him/her.

Performances: Vídeo


2009 - 2014
Performed at Contemporão, Performance Art Space and at the Art Museum (Musa) of the Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba.

Under the sound of a box drum, the artist enters the space with green painted arms and throws three watermelons in the air in sequence. When the watermelons explode on the floor, ping pong balls spread out in space, creating an amplified sound effect. When watermelons are scattered, the public is invited to taste them.

Performances: Vídeo


2008 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016
Performed at Barra da Lagoa beach, Florianópolis, 2008,  and at Camburi beach, Vitória.

A portal on wheels is taken through the city to the beach. A collective and participative performance of passing through the portal towards a dip in the sea is performed.

Performances: Vídeo
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2005 - 2008 - 2011
Presented a the Performance Art Event of Cruz & Sousa Museum, Florianópolis with Adriana Barreto and Teresa Siewerdt, at Verbo Anual Performance Event of Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo with Maíra Valente e Teresa Siewerdt and at the Performance Festival of the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro with Flora Pozzobon and Carolina Sulis

Under a Felix Mendelssohn  wedding march in the space, three performers holding hands, with cardboard boxes on their heads show up. On the boxes, images of High Voltage plates. One of the performers wears gloves and holds an  enlarged wishbone. The performers approximate a visitor, hold his/her hands, put the object on his/her neck, and invite him/her to walk with them in a collective wedding march.

Performances: Vídeo
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