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Performance, Participation & Peformativity

Captura de Tela 2021-03-06 às 20.14.35.
Contemporão: Bem-vindo


Collaborative Space & Artist Studio

Contemporão SP is an independent, non-profit space coordinated by Yiftah Peled that started its activities in Florianopolis, SC, in 2009; passed through Vitória, ES, between 2014 and 2016 and, in 2018, (re) opens its activities in São Paulo capital.

The space in Pinheiros is willing to support social and artistic transdisciplinary projects considering interfaces between performance practice, participation and performativity. Yiftah also promote meetings, exchanges of ideas, collective construction of knowledge and groups of studies on these topics

The Contemporão SP hosts periodic events on the scale of desire, seeks to invest in the risks of artistic processes and to support projects that present poetic density and experimentation.

Contemporão: Sobre
Contemporão: Pro Gallery
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